Release Stress Through Tapping

All About Tapping

EFT often works where nothing else will. It is usually rapid, long lasting and gentle. It is easily learned by young and old alike. EFT is self empowering. When EFT is properly applied, over 90% achieve either noticeable improvement or complete alleviation of the problem. This is a totally new paradigm in healing. (quoted from EFT Radio) 

Please check out the Tapping Resources and Articles page to obtain more information and scientific research regarding EFT. 

Our Reasons to Tap page gives you specific examples on how EFT can be helpful. See Tips for Tapping to successfully use this technique.  

Reasons to TAP

People from all over the world have successfully used this empowering self-healing technique for :

  • Addictive Cravings including alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and food.
  • Allergies, and other breathing difficulties.
  • Fears and phobias; including fear of flying, heights, dogs, etc.
  • Grief, Guilt, Loss and Love, physical and emotional pain.
  • Insomnia, anxiety, anger.
  • Learning disorders including dyslexia, ADHD, etc.
  • Procrastination and Indecisiveness.

Olympic athletes and school coaches and counselors use  EFT because it is very effective and enhances:

  • Concentration and relaxation.
  • Confidence and self-esteem.
  • The development of relationships.
  • Peak performance for academics and sports.

Tips for Tapping

Before Tapping, please remember to drink plenty of water. It is important to stay well hydrated. Tapping does not work well when a person is dehydrated. If you are Tapping and do not notice a reduction or shift in intensity, try drinking a glass of water and then continue.

  • ​Find a comfortable place to sit.
  • Brainstorm the main issue or feeling you would like to release and write down a few specific examples of the cause of the issue or feeling.
  • Review the Tapping positions to your right.
  • Take a deep breath and remember to breathe through the Tapping process.
  • Begin Tapping and say "Even though I have this issue or feeling, I am a good person".....Find the words that work for you.
  • When you begin to feel neutral about the situation, this is a sign, that the emotion is clearing.
  • Choose a positive word that you would like to complete the Tapping with, such as more confidence, creativity, joy, etc.
  • If in doubt, please feel free to contact me.