Debbie was instrumental in helping me understand and overcome some emotional trauma in my life. She has such compassion and ease that I was immediately able to open up and benefit from her work as a healer. She has so much knowledge in skill in both EFT and energy work that I would definitely recommend her!

D.L – Leesburg, VA

My first experience with this approach to health and well-being was with EFT or Tapping. I used the tapping technique to conquer a lack of motivation and energy. This technique proved very effective for me, and its something I can do anytime or anywhere and at the level I choose, depending on my issue/concern. I have had many Eden energy sessions with Debbie, for a multitude of issues. Over the course of these appointments, I have improved my overall energy level as well as my ability to focus. These were big hurdles for me and I was not looking for a quick fix of pills, but to dig deeper and rebalance myself. The process is fascinating and the more you learn, the easier it is to see how the connection all works. My teen and now adult children use these techniques as well. They have had success treating anxiety and substance abuse as well as helping to aid in trauma from sports injuries. My whole family has benefited from working with Debbie, using these powerful remedies!

T. C. – Ashburn, VA

I've been seeing Debbie for energy healing for over 4 years. I always look forward to my sessions with her. She is patient, warm, and so soothing. Just being in the same room with her brings me a sense of peace. From day one, I knew I had found a safe place and being with someone I could trust is very important. Leaving each session, I feel calm and relaxed, yet energized as I can feel the energy flowing more freely within my body.

Debbie has the ability to use several different modalities to get to the root of your issue. She is intuitive, and has the ability to individualize each session to bring about the best outcome for healing and growth. My life has been, and is still being enriched because of her and her work.

J. A. – Ashburn, VA

I have known Debbie for several years, both professionally and personally. I recently requested an appointment with her for leg pain. I had been walking 1-2 miles per day (nothing strenuous) but had pain that would keep me up at night and couldn't figure out anything to ease my pain. I visited Debbie for an energy session to see if there might be a blockage somewhere. After the session, she suggested I trace my meridians each day - and I haven't had any pain since! Debbie is a dedicated healer and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She continues to learn and broaden the range of modalities she can incorporate into treatment sessions so as to be able to achieve the best outcome for her clients. I would highly recommend her without hesitation!

F. E. – Lansdowne, VA

Being a person who would rather get to the root of an issue instead of taking a pill, I can’t say enough about how I love being treated by Debbie, using the Eden Energy method. I walk in feeling stressed or anxious and come out feeling calm, focused and relaxed. It’s a feeling I’ve not found in any other remedy.

L. C. – Leesburg, VA